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Audi A6L

3D Mapping for Live Event, P Iva Modrah Pixomondo Beijing, 2012


Launch of Audi A6L in Hangzhou. Animation and 3D Mapping projected onto background screens and car.


Animation and Music Keywords: Technology and The City -  The Open Road - Back to Nature

Audi A6L

Artist's impression of the event, with thanks to

Audi Q3

Live Event, P Egmont Mayer RedRabbit Animation Shanghai, 2013


Launch of Audi Q3 in Hangzhou. Performance included Opening Launch and Main Show.



OPENING LAUNCH: Keywords - Modern, Fun, Rock

Audi Q3 Opening Launch, Lead Composer Flynn Wheeler

Images used with thanks to RedRabbit Animation


MAIN SHOW: Keywords - Innovation, Prestige, Cinematic


Audi Q3 Main Show, Lead Composer Justin Kearin

Images used with thanks to RedRabbit Animation


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